Tree Service Sussex County DE

Lawson’s Tree Service offers many tree services available in the industry. Our clients never run into a problem with their trees or bushes which we can’t solve.

Diagnosis of a Sick Tree

If you think you may have a diseased tree, our team will diagnose the trees health problems, recommending the best treatments for the specific condition. We treat the entire tree, remove diseased sections, or remove the tree and replace it with a new one if needed.


For new trees and trees that need soil enrichment to grow to their full potential, we offer tree fertilizing. This adds moisture and nutrients to the soil, roots, and trunk and serves as a health care practice for any tree.

Cables & Bracing

Tree branch failure can be preventing in some cases with Lawson's Tree Removal’s cable and bracing services, which provide additional support to allow the tree to repair itself. This can also be a temporary solution to extend the life of a tree or tree section.

Lightning Protection

When a tree is struck by lightning, there’s little you can predict about the damage it will cause. Take preventative measures with a lightening protection system installation from our team of tree experts. We can design a system specifically made for your tree and the structures nearby.


If you need preparation and drafting of tree management written reports, Lawson’s Tree Service offers them for risk assessment, tree preservation during construction, property loss, appraisal values, and more.

Public Education

Our staff enjoys opportunities to educate our customers and the general public about proper tree care practices.

Tree Risk Assessment

Many trees pose some degree of risk for failure, which means the entire tree can fall. Our team will determine your tree’s risk and implement preventative measures.


Lawson’s Tree Service will prune trees that need to be corrected in their path of growth, tamed down in size, removed from roofs, or moved away from power lines.


We remove all different kinds of trees and shrubs. Big or small we remove them all. This process can be a dangerous one—our trained arborists are able remove trees safely, leaving minimal damage to surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding & Removal

To make stumps and roots easier to remove, we grind all stumps to below grade. This service is often accompanies tree removals.

24 Hour Emergency Service

24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you have an Emergency we can be there!

Chipper Service

We offer chipper service to remove and clean up brush and tree branches.


We offer firewood for sale. This can be picked up or we can deliver it right to your home.